Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Time

In the middle of the Christmas season it is a hard thing to find time for everything on the to-do list. From last minute shopping, to perfecting that wonderful recipe you found on pinterest, on top of the regular schedule.
But in the middle of it all, remember what this wonderful celebration is really all about.

" Here: there's only one gift that you can give, and that is yourself. Give yourself to God because God's already give to you His gift. Now, there's only thing you owe back to God, that's yourself to Him. "
            ~   William Branham ~

So when you find you are deadlines and things are going haywire,
Be still for a moment, and give it All to Jesus, for he will turn your sorrows into joy

           ~ MERRY CHRISTMAS ~

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Witness

Some days I find myself wondering, what does God want me to do? What is my purpose? Am I really all God wants me to be?
When I am at a store, I think about the people I am interacting with, at the cash register, or the woman in the isle taking stock, or maybe that little boy in the buggy that smiled at me. I wonder "where is their destination?
I'll be honest and say that there are times I second guess myself and don't want to say anything because, what if they reject that little witnessing card I plan on giving them.. what will their reaction be?
But I find that I feel guilty, when I walk away with a heavy heart and words unsaid.
I believe we may be  the only light that others around us have.  So how are the people going to get this life giving bread when we do nothing?

We are a reflection of Christ.

~143  We as Christians are only reflecting Him. The moon only reflects the sun, in its absence. And the believer only reflects the Son of God, in the absence of the Son of God. It's the Light of the Bible, the Scriptures, being vindicated in our lives, the Word that makes Light in darkness. You are candles that sets upon a hill. That ain't the sun; it's a candle. The candle just takes the place of the sun, just shows a certain amount of light. We are God's children, we are sons and daughters of God, only by the Spirit with portion. He had It without a portion. We are a star that's shining, all of us together make a Light to the world, but He is the entire Son that reflects the Light to every star. Hallelujah! I believe Him. God help my unbelief!

    64-1212 - The Harvest Time
    Rev. William Marrion Branham ~

What are you a witness of?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Little things ~

There is something about reading a letter on a walk, as the sun sets. Quite poetic I would say.
The little things, are what bring such enjoyment; birds singing, chickens scratching, the goat eating your moms rosebush,(<--oops..<--X that one out!) Morning itself. (I Love Mornings) Fried chicken..I could go on and on...and on.

Oh and those snap chats you get from your close friend...Epicly hilarious..